So you want to get to know me...

I’m Cheryl,

a trained Coach, Writer, Speaker,

and Somatic Therapist.

I went from coping to leading a life of freedom, passion & service.

I had big ambitions. I wanted to do well but somehow, I often felt under appreciated, overlooked, and undervalued at work. I kept quitting my job and finding myself in the same state that I was in the previous job. I had poor self-esteem and I craved external validation.

What was going on? I felt lonely, even though I had friends. I was depressed, even though I partied on the weekends.

It was bad, but the kind of bad that I grew accustomed to. So year after year, nothing changed but the amount of debt I got myself into. Something had to give.

I signed up with a coach and I turned my life around.

I started connecting with to my feelings, thoughts, and needs. I figured out who I was. I developed my self-worth. It wasn't easy, but as I went deeper, I started creating art, expressing my truth, training my mind, and moving my body. Everything started to flow.

I now coach professional Black women to reconnect to an authentic, aligned, and joyful version of themselves.

The result have been an honour to witness.

If you feel called, listen to yourself.

Fast forward to now and I’m only doing things are in alignment with my soul’s purpose. I've worked with 100+ women in my private practise and in the corporate space to bring about transformational change.

I’m so grateful to my mentors who saw something in me that I couldn’t see in myself at the time.

I now dedicate my time and energy to really see Black women for who they are and to watch them blossom.

"I wasn't really sure where this journey would take me , I just knew something had to change to allow me to become the best version of me and kick into touch some emotional habits I had.

In a period of 3 weeks I feel I have connected with the inner me and I am starting to understand why I have the emotional triggers I have and how I can start to manage them so they don't consume me any more.

My body weight is starting to shift and I can see how the future could look and feel. I am starting to create new healthy habits that will help me positively move forwards in all aspects of life to which I am ever grateful for Cheryl.

— Asma

Let's talk...

Are you living a free

and fulfilled life?

Let’s get you your first breakthrough in a free 1-hour Getting Un-Stuck Strategy Call. Tell me what is going on for you right now, and where you want to be. Let’s look at what true alignment for you would look like, and how to get there.

Download this guide on how to get out of your rut

You might not be ready to jump right in, that could be Aunty Fear stopping you from taking action once again.

She’s annoying like that, but we can work with her.

I encourage you to identify why you are demotivated, frustrated, and stuck in a job you hate. You can take steps to fix it fast using my free guide.







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