Welcome to the same you, but different. You can absolutely become who you want to be.

Here’s an opportunity to break free of old patterns, and to get the clarity and support that you need to create a life that you don’t want to escape from.

Frustration, procrastination, lack of motivation, and isolation will seldom be part of your experience.

Let’s begin the process to have you living authentically in your skin, and in alignment with who you are at your best.

No more hating your job, no more toxic relationships, no more disconnection from self.

I’m so excited for you to release the heaviness.

You just need to take the first step.

It starts with you

The Embodied Ebony 3-Month Incubator

Our Signature Self-Actualisation Process for women of colour who are ready find their freedom through our 3 pillar framework, Practise & Process.

What’s included:

Live Coaching With Cheryl

Weekly live sessions with ILM certified and NLP trained Coach and Somatic Healer Cheryl will deepen the journey, hold space for your emotions, and support your transformation.

Signature Programme Material

Our signature programme material will help you build new habits to replace any that aren’t serving you. We give you step by step guidance and bespoke breakdowns for every step.

Tasking And Accountability

We serve you on an incredibly deep level through nurture, support, and accountability. We work with you to track your progress so that you can get the results you came for.

Conscious Embodiment Sessions

Included in the incubator are expert breath work workshops, somatic therapy sessions, and trauma informed transformative creative exercises to unlock your potential.

Tailored Feedback Notes

You will receive individual notes to help uncover blind spots and accelerate your understanding of self. You are the focus. You will have you unique journey mapped out laser focussed guidance.

A Goody Bag

A welcome pack with a note pad, pen, drinking mug, and tote bag will be on its way to you.

The goody bag includes a special self care surprise and a signed copy of

"Cheryl, is an extremely intuitive practitioner. She has allowed me to make observations about my subconscious, on multiple occasions throughout the programme. They often feel surreal and outer body. Aside from those very introspective practices, there is also lots of practical advice & guidance, to will you along. Most important thing to remember is, what you take away, is a direct reflection of the effort you put in. You will wobble but you will leave with great insight and the required tools to make lasting improvements. Thank you, Cheryl."

— Kayleigh

What are you waiting for?

This is your opportunity

to change your life.

If there is a voice that is saying that this could be for you, walk further down that road.

Imagine you had the tools you need to centre yourself, get clarity and focus, change your environment for the better, and achieve your big scary audacious goals.

I have opened up a limited amount of free slots for Getting Un-Stuck Strategy Sessions, which will get you a breakthrough in your thinking so you can start your journey sometime soon.

It’s important you view this opportunity as an investment in self. Working on yourself will pay you back dividends for the rest of your life. Book a call and let’s see if it’s the right fit.

Download this guide on how to get out of your rut

You might not be ready to jump right in, that could be old Aunty Fear stopping you from taking action once again.

She’s annoying like that, but we can work with her.

I encourage you to identify why you are demotivated, frustrated, and stuck in a job you hate. You can take steps to fix it fast using my free guide.







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